Undergraduate studies included a Bachelor of Religious Studies at MBBC (a founding college of CMU) and a BA in Administrative Studies at the University of Winnipeg. David completed an MA in Speech Communication at California State University – Fresno and significant work towards an MA in New Testament at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. 

Recording studios and radio towers in Germany and Ecuador were part of David’s childhood experience through his parents’ mission broadcasting work. This has led to a natural lifelong intrigue with communications. 

Prior to joining CMU, David spent over a decade in broadcast radio in Winnipeg with Family Life Network Inc. This included 11 years of weekly co-hosting of the GodTalk radio show on 680 CJOB, a Corus Entertainment company. David also spoke at 100’s of live events across central and western Canada during these years. His passion has always been to creatively engage people in a dignifying conversation about the living God.

David joined the CMU faculty in 2009 and was appointed Assistant Professor of Communications and Media in July 2013. He became Associate Professor of Communications and Media in July 2021. David was host and producer of the weekly Sunday@CMU radio program on Goldenwest Radio in Manitoba from 2009-2013. 

David teaches in media and society, public speaking, new media, communication theory and topics such as Christianity and the mass media in Canada. David’s current research is exploring the use and meaning of “Oh my God” in the everyday talk of Canadians.  He released a short documentary film from this project in January 2015. 

David and his wife, Kathryn, live in Winnipeg and have 4 young adult children. They are part of the North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church. David is active in the community with speaking engagements, preaching and communications consulting and training.